Enter Genius Credentials in Amazon

Important: Please use the following instructions to integrate Genius extension with your Amazon seller account:
  1. Login to your Seller Central account using your Amazon credentials
  2. Enter the following information into the corresponding fields in Seller Central, click next:
    • In the Application Name text box, type Genius
    • In the Application's Developer Account Number text box, type 4640-3180-0068
  3. Once you've given Genius permission to access your Amazon Seller Account and agreed to the Terms of Service, you will be brought to a confirmation page. Please copy and paste your Seller ID and MWS Auth Token below.

Enter Amazon credentials in Genius

Download extension

  1. To add the extension click this button, then click "Add Extension" on the pop-up:
  2. Download Extension
  3. Visit one of the supported suppliers and try the extension out
Can't get the extension installed?